mobile augmented reality

Awila is a mobile augmented reality (AR) application for smart-phones, used to display business asset or consumer information.

Augmented Reality is the process of taking digital information and over-laying it on an image of the real-world (i.e. a camera feed). The software then uses internal sensors to calculate the users orientation and position in the world to establish where they are looking.

The digital information is then moved according to these changes, presenting a seamless view of the world and digital content in a ‘head-up’ display fashion.

Awila is not just a consumer application, it’s a geo-data browser and content publication solution that allows anyone to publish a variety of geographic information as a ‘dataset’ to either individual devices or the entire public community – when they’re within range.

Many mobile AR apps focus on points-of-interest in the users location to display information on shops, bars, amenities etc. Awila is different in that its designed to display large GIS datasets and 3D scenes from a variety of sources. Using data tiling, localised caching and OGC standard web services, Awila can display network assets (such as roads, pipes, cables), CAD drawings and city-models that span entire countries. This makes Awila ideal for both business and consumer users looking for an affordable geo-data viewing and query platform.

Awila does not simply display mapping information on a new platform or through a different service, it transforms it into a world you can see and explore.