Awila is a new way to visualise location based information on the move, utilising inexpensive smart-phones and unique location services to deliver two and three dimensional information to anyone who needs it, whenever they need it, wherever they are. Awila is ideal for both businesses and individuals who want to augment the world around them with useful information.

Awila is a mobile augmented reality application for smart-phones that takes both traditional 2D GIS and 3D scene Information and renders it based on the direction you look. Awila utilises the sensors and camera within a modern smart-phone to overlay the real-world image with dynamic content, via Open-standard web services, configured through an online portal.

Awila is not just another AR ‘app’; its designed with the business user in-mind. Viewing utility asset information, design schematics, building developments, public awareness and incident management information are just a few of the areas in which Awila can be employed. Awila uses OGC WFS and WMS services to deliver content to the browser quickly and efficiently from either your own existing servers, or ours.

Our unique approach to content management and publication means you can get a dataset configured and deployed to users within minutes. No development, no pre-processing and no additional authoring software; simply fill-out an online form to configure the layers that make-up the dataset, the area it covers, who you want to see it and some display options; Done!